CameronBlue Capital is committed to building successful and enduring businesses and lasting relationships. Our firm can bridge the gap between family-controlled company and independently managed enterprise using our investment experience, industry expertise and value-added board of director oversight. We provide skilled and experienced outside resources for owners and managers who seek to grow their business and achieve the next level of operating performance.

CameronBlue seeks to invest with owner-managers in businesses with less than $100 million in revenues in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States. We expect to retain ownership in excellent businesses over a long time horizon. Our investment approach enables appropriate decisions that balance the need for short-term operating results with long-term strategic goals that provide a lasting legacy for shareholders, management and employees.

CameronBlue will invest in relationships with owners, managers and intermediaries to become the “partner of choice for relationship-driven sellers” who value character and share a commitment to excellence.

Investment Strategy

CameronBlue invests in long-term relationships with businesses and people to achieve success. Working as a trusted and experienced advisor, we partner with owners and managers to raise their business to the next level of operating performance and revenue growth.
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Disciplined Investment Criteria

CameronBlue achieves excellent financial returns by adhering to disciplined investment parameters. Within our target markets, we have the experience to process transactions efficiently and close investments successfully.
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Character of CameronBlue

CameronBlue is a long-term partner and experienced counsel for owners of growing business. We partner with people of good character who share our commitment to excellence and passion for business.
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