Partner With Owner-Managers

We focus on owner-managed and family-controlled businesses.  CameronBlue enjoys working with owner-managers to fulfill their ambitions for the business and its employees.  We establish long-term partnerships with owners and managers where CameronBlue serves as a sounding board and strategic advisor to the business.  As a capable and experienced outside resource for the company, we commit our time and investment expertise to work as well as our money.

Our collaborative style is particularly important in developing successful partnerships with family-controlled and owner-managed businesses.  CameronBlue has a record of creating value for shareholders, managers and employees by working with management to develop growth strategies and strengthen a company’s competitive position in the marketplace.  We have the experience to assist owner-managers in meeting operational and strategic challenges and making the tough choices necessary to build an enduring business.

Every generation of family-controlled firms must deal with issues of succession, control, liquidity and capital procurement for growth.  CameronBlue has significant experience in the purchase of owner-managed businesses and offers a flexible investment approach to structuring transactions that tailor solutions for the often unique and complex situations arising in closely-held firms.  Our investment structure generally provides for shareholders to receive significant value today and provide substantial economic ownership upside through a combination of significant ongoing ownership in the business, management options and specific short-term and long-term financial incentives.