Regional Geographic Emphasis

CameronBlue will identify small businesses within our geographic region that have created leadership positions in our target markets.

Our Mid-Atlantic and Southeast geographic focus will allow CameronBlue’s investment professionals to spend more time with intermediaries, owners and management, and less time in planes, trains and automobiles.

CameronBlue appreciates the success achieved by nimble companies and sees the greatest opportunity to make a difference with small businesses where our time and experience can greatly enhance a company’s profitability and growth opportunities.

Time is a critical element in our strategy.  We live in and focus on this region.  Local presence allows us to devote the time and energy needed to evaluate and close an investment efficiently, work more actively with management, assist business development, promote management teamwork and form lasting partnerships with management teams.

We understand the challenges undertaken to support management teams in taking their company to the next level of scale and operating performance.  As partners, we expect to commit significant time to our portfolio companies in an advisory position to achieve our shared goals of growth, excellent financial performance and a long-lasting legacy for owners, managers, and employees.