The Character of CameronBlue

We want to do business with people of good character.  CameronBlue seeks owner-managers who share our commitment to excellence, passion for business and conviction to do the right thing.

CameronBlue does not operate companies.  We seek to support management teams and respect the achievements, industry expertise and experience of the managers that do.  We expect to create enthusiasm and excitement for our abilities as a partner and advisor.

Integrity and trust are critical to the development of our long-term relationships with fellow shareholders, managers and employees, and CameronBlue embraces “walking the walk” in our actions and partnerships based on the following set of values:

  • Honor reminds us to do the right thing even when no one is looking.  We value integrity and know our business success depends on our good name.
  • Team-building is critical to motivate individuals, create a shared sense of mission, develop effective partnerships, and achieve success.  We genuinely enjoy our business and derive great satisfaction from working as part of a team to achieve our goals.
  • Commitment to excellence is the key component of achieving success.  We are passionate about the businesses in which we invest and dedicated to playing whatever role is necessary to support and promote the development of the business and its stakeholders.

At CameronBlue and our portfolio companies, we look to reward:

  • Judgment, which often defines the success or failure of a meeting, a plan or a strategy.  CameronBlue looks for managers who can solve problems, map strategy and demonstrate excellent judgment with people.
  • Creativity and acceptance of ideas,  which fosters teamwork and participation in the solution of issues critical to the business and its long- term success.
  • Accountability, which enables CameronBlue to empower people to succeed.  We attempt to align our organizations, business plans and financial reporting such that responsibility equals accountability and success is appropriately.
  • Trust, which is earned over time and is an essential component for a lasting and successful partnership with owners, managers, and employees.
  • Discipline and patience, which are critical elements of our investment strategy and financial and business planning approach.  We attempt to set realistic goals and objectives and look for opportunities to exceed them
  • Curiosity, which motivates us to understand industries, people and businesses.  We are always curious to learn more and apply new insights to our portfolio companies and ourselves.