Winning With Our Team

CameronBlue welcomes competition, enjoys the challenges of business, and looks forward to success with partners who share a similar passion and enthusiasm for achievement. Our team has a mission.  We want to partner with teams who are committed to excellence and desire to compete on a “championship” caliber team.

The CameronBlue team defines success as “getting businesses to the next level” and building enduring companies.  For us, “winning” goes beyond financial results and includes playing on a team that shared a:

  • Commitment to excellence;
  • Sense of mission;
  • Desire for continuous improvement; and
  • Long-term relationship that transcended ownership.

Our investment goals for the managers of our portfolio companies also include:

  • Improved team decision-making based on:
    • better and more timely information flow and tighter operating focus;
    • greater levels of teamwork; and,
    • financial metrics focused on ROIC and operating margins;
  • Strengthened competitive position through growth, internal expansion and infrastructure development such that it produces industry leading margins and ROIC;
  • Shared financial reward in an investment exit; and,
  • Continued business success as a result of our endeavors together.