Post-Closing Business Involvement

We are active participants with management but rely on managers to make the day-to-day decisions at our portfolio companies.  As an experienced outside advisor, we provide strategic, operational and financial guidance through each company’s board of directors to assist the management team in driving the business to the next level of financial performance.  Often, our operational goal involves building infrastructure to create time for an owner-manager to pursue the activities that make the greatest contribution to the business.  We also seek to cross-pollinate between investments and apply best practices to our businesses based on our experiences as Chairman of both private and public companies.

We invest our time and money on behalf of every portfolio company, and we work hard to provide experience and insight to the management team in the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning:
    • Exploiting new markets;
    • Reviewing investment opportunities and structuring strategic acquisitions;
    • Analyzing business expansion and capital investment; and
    • Aligning organizational and management structures.
  • Financial Infrastructure:
    • Increase sophistication of budgeting process and financial reviews;
    • Improve clarity and timeliness of financial reports and operating metrics;
    • Develop financial dashboards for management decision-making; and
    • Enhance accounting/financial systems and reporting.
  • Operating Improvements:
    • Working capital management;
    • Return on capital projects; and
    • Infrastructure to support next level of company size and development.
  • Team Building:
    • Develop team members so they can achieve success;
    • Align compensation incentives with appropriate management responsibility;
    • Recruit key new members to the management team; and
    • Add experienced industry executives with targeted functional expertise to Board of Directors.
  • Business Development:
    • Introduce existing industry contacts, strategic relationships, business partners, and other business and financial resources to the company;
    • Participate in sales and marketing planning; and
    • Demonstrate ownership commitment with customer visits (where appropriate and requested).