Responsive Investment Process

CameronBlue is a responsible and responsive business partner with owners and intermediaries throughout the investment process.  We recognize time is often the scarcest resource of owners, managers and advisors. CameronBlue strives to conduct its investment process in an efficient and knowledgeable manner and expects to deliver timely and appropriate feedback as a result of our industry expertise, geographic orientation and transaction experience.

We acquire controlling positions in businesses, and our transactions will often include the use of leverage from a 3rd party.  CameronBlue has developed an excellent reputation with lenders who are focused on the same industries and geographies.  We set appropriate milestones at each stage of the investment process with advisors and give prompt and forthright feedback.  We appreciate the paramount importance of integrity and reliability in a sale process and set very high standards of conduct in working with sellers, managers, and their advisors in moving towards and completing a successful transaction.