Structuring Family-Owned Business Transactions

CameronBlue has significant transaction and investment experience working through complex issues with owner-managers.  Owner-managers desire outside capital for a variety of current business and financial needs.  Each transition of family-controlled business to independently managed enterprise brings a unique set of opportunities and challenges.

Our experience gives CameronBlue the flexibility to structure and implement a partnership arrangement to best support business transformation, and our collaborative approach allows us to work with shareholders to solve challenges.  CameronBlue can reach consensus with owner-managers to determine the future direction of the organization, design an appropriate transition of management leadership, and build a transaction structure that provides appropriate financial balance and reward.

CameronBlue has experienced many unusual circumstances in family-controlled situations and can provide solutions for a wide variety of financial, management transition, and ownership dynamics that could include the following:

  • Capital for business expansion or acquisitions
  • Capital for liquidity and wealth diversification for shareholders
  • Asset diversification
  • Owner-manager transitions
  • Generational transition
  • Next level business development

The Founder has been directly involved in the purchase and sale of many owner-managed and family-controlled businesses, and he served as an investor and Chairman of the Board of 5 family-controlled businesses: Associated Asphalt, Cosmotronic Corporation, Dawes Transportation, Pacific Circuits, and Power Circuits (subsequently combined with Pacific and renamed TTM Technologies).